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Nominations Open
January 27-2023
Nominations Close
March 31 2023
Awards Gala
April 28th 2023
Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

About Responsible Business & Leadership Excellence Awards 

The Responsible Business and leadership Excellence Awards recognizes the conduct of responsible business and sustainability as living or acting in a manner that balances improving quality of life, a healthy vibrant community, and mindful stewardship of the natural resources, ecology, and environment.

The awards ceremony aims to encourage responsible business leadership and honor individuals and institutions for their dedication and accomplishments in support responsibility and sustainability.

The annual Rble Awards celebrate the achievements of businesses that promote environmental and social responsibility and governance (ESG).

The RBLE Awards recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence and commitment to managing environmental and social issues including promoting energy efficiency, protecting ecology, combating climate change and advancing inclusion.

The prestigious awards showcase transformational stories of businesses taking real action to build thriving communities and celebrate businesses demonstrating strong, inclusive leadership who continually innovate to tackle pressing social issues and to repair and rebuild our planet.

At Rble, we believe that all responsible companies are required to initiate and engage in numerous initiatives to minimize environmental footprint, from product development to production and, finally, disposal or discharge. Rble envisioned that Companies are committed to resolving complex challenges on a global scale, contributing to a more sustainable world.

We view companies’ sustainability and responsible business efforts as an investment for the collective future. The theme for this edition is “Responsible Business, the sustainable path to profitability”.

Sustainability and profitability may seem challenging to balance in business, but ESG efforts often translate into improved employee morale and healthier bottom lines. But successfully doing well by doing good means sharing a well-communicated plan with the entire company. If you need to start incorporating sustainable, responsible business practices then RBLE summit is the place to be.

To facilitate ongoing capacity development, a two-day summit on responsible business practices and leadership has been integrated into this year’s event. The event will feature a blend of panel discussions, presentations by key leaders, hands-on, interactive lectures and will cover key sectors including telecom, banking, finance, extractive, regulatory etc.

Speakers from some of the biggest businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are being lined up to discuss pertinent issues that can help businesses become more responsible and sustainable.

The summit and awards ceremony are organized by Ion Africa Business, Ianmatsun Global Services and CSR Training Institute.

Over the past couple years; sustainability has become a major focus in the wider corporate conversation, and for good reason. New technology, corporate responsibility mandates, and a more informed workforce are all leading towards new opportunities in the way that we structure our practices and profits to last.

Though “sustainable” and “profitable” can seem like tricky concepts to balance, the effort to do so is increasingly rewarded in today’s economy. In the era of ESG mandates and global and domestic uncertainties the sustainable thing often translates to the right thing, in terms of both financial gain and staff longevity.

When it comes to making sustainability profitable, a well-communicated plan and details about how this plan will benefit your company are imperative.

Nowadays, Sustainability management is a fundamental part of organisation growth in a rapidly changing business environment. Undoubtedly, a positive approach benefits competitiveness and lays the foundation for a better, long-term future for us all.


The Responsible Business and leadership Excellence Awards is aspired to be a credible responsible business conduct Award in the country.


The Responsible Business and leadership Excellence Awards aim to recognise and reward excellence in business practices.


Encourage and felicitate Responsible and Sustainability practices of businesses.

Identify and recognize exemplary CSR performances, projects, or programs.

Bring the best CSR multi-stakeholder projects into focus.

Our aim with ‘The Responsible Business and leadership Excellence Awards’ is to showcase the leading ESG and Responsible business practices businesses in emerging markets have developed and how these business groups are making progress in adopting and integrating ESG standards into their day-to-day operations.

Deadline for Nomination filing: March 28, 2023.




Align your brand with the most prestigious awards for the Country’s businesses

The Responsible Business and Leadership Excellence Awards is an elite business awards programme for businesses of all shapes and sizes who are disruptors, ready to scale, entrepreneurs, established SME’s and right up to the multinationals.

Sponsoring at the Responsible Business and Leadership Excellence Awards 2021 will provide companies with months’ worth of ongoing targeted marketing, advertising, brand awareness & media coverage/publicity which will drive awareness of your companies messaging, products and services solutions for the Country’s businesses

After the disruption to all business caused by Covid-19 it is now more important than ever to show support for businesses who have not only survived, but thrived during the Pandemic, and also to show your strength in the business world.

By sponsoring our awards, you will be aligning with the largest and most prestigious business awards programme  which enables you to support and target a specific type of business, placing your brand in front of the business leaders you want to meet.


We understand the needs of our sponsors which is why, unlike any other event  we create more opportunities for face-to-face networking than any other. After the disruption of the business community, there has never been a better time to engage with leaders of the business world face-to-face.

Hosted at the prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, this is an opportunity for you to meet and engage with all of the entrants to the awards ceremony. Attended by the Country’s most influential business leaders, this event will also be attended by key members of the national press, our judges and board members. This promises to be a business networking event like no other.

RBLEA Black Tie Dinner

We’re welcoming all our finalists and their guests to a lavish black-tie dinner to celebrate the very best organisations, entrepreneurs and initiatives who run successful, ethical and Responsible businesses.

We’ll be running this event in accordance with public health guidelines, for us to run a truly memorable night of celebration.

Enter the Responsible Business and Leadership Excellence Awards and join us at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in the Heart of Accra this April — we hope to see you there.

Exclusive access to networking events, including a drinks reception.

Invaluable feedback from business leaders through our rigorous judging processes

An opportunity to be profiled in the essential and trusted news platform, and in print.

The chance to showcase and promote your business on a national platform, should you become a finalist


We understand that not every business is the same, that’s why we work closely with every client to understand their objectives for sponsoring one of our awards categories and tailor our packages to suit them.






Prof. Wayne Dunn
Awarding Board Member
Nana Annor Amihere 11
Awarding Board Member




Organizers of the RBLE Awards are bound by the Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843) of Ghana. We Copyrights to all the raw data collected from any participants remain with the respective owners and raw data will neither be made public nor shared with any third parties under any circumstances. It will only be used to make comparisons between various participants so that their nominations may be evaluated and winners credibly selected based on their merits.
Winners of the award shall receive the certificate of recognition and a trophy/plaque. There are plans to introduce other benefits such as workshops, coaching, advice or membership in an association for award winners.
Official Logo can be used by Award winners to enhance their Corporate Branding and marketing. However these must align with the organizers core values of credibility and sound business practices. If in doubt, consult the organizers on the right usage of the official logos.
  1. RBLE Award increase credibility for the company
Winning an RBLE award provides a credible third party endorsement for your company, a stamp of approval on your business. Customers and vendor partners will feel better about their business relationship with your company.
  1. Benchmarking with others in the industry
The evaluation process is one that compares the achievements of peer companies and personalities. The committees review such achievements with all supporting documents and testimonials. The best performer is then adjudged the winner.
  1. Increased PR and marketing
The RBLE Awards serves as a tool in your business toolbox. Being listed as a nominee for an award can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Winning an award opens doors to new business and new contacts through the many PR and marketing activities leading to and after the awards.
  1. Employees feel rewarded
Staff morale and motivation often improve when a company wins a business award. Although it might not go to an individual, staff feel their efforts paid off and got rewarded.
  1. Awards help with recruiting
Often times talent hunt is left for the recruiting agency or team to scout. However, business awards can help a business attract the best talent. Everyone wants to work for a good performing company, one that is leading in the industry.
As mentioned, there are no compulsory costs in accepting a nomination or winning an award with RBLEA. We do offer a variety of paid additional benefits for our winners, but these are completely optional. Our company policy will always remain that, regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval. We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners, as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards. Where did the nomination come from?+ In the interest of nurturing an environment proven to produce a high response rate, we don’t ask nominees to reveal any personal identity. With regards to methodology, we often nominate candidates through research done by MIC and, One of the main mantras of our awards system is that your ability to succeed is linked to the number of votes received by the judging panel meaning your award is presented purely on merit.


2023 Responsible Business and Leadership Excellence Summit and awards launched
2023 Responsible Business and Leadership Excellence Summit and awards launched

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Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

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